FLO Factory Team

Yay for no crashes!!!!

Better wheel and draft management. Save that energy for the end.

2nd race in the Early Bird Crit Training Series, still had the same amount of fun as the first one.  Met up with a couple returners from the previous race, and brought some new people to the clinic.  Todays clinic was on cornering in a bunch, finding the best line and holding it; keeping speed through the turn in order to stay on the wheel in fron of you.  Still great experience and awesome to see CAT3/4's still go to these clinics.

For the race, I did a much better job on wheel sucking management.  Stayed longer in draft zones and conserved much more engery.  There was a split in our group and I found myself in the 2nd half.  5 of us riders decided to work together to catch back on, 10 sec pulls for us as we pacelined to get back on.  And we caught back on thanks to a fire truck that semi halted the race with 3 laps to go lol.  Got semi bumped off my inteded wheel to follow with about half a lap to go, so there goes my ideal position. Ended the race in a quasi bunch sprint but was happy to make it across the line safe and sound.  Not sure what place I got, but it's a trianing race so there is no real record taken.  On to the next one next week.

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