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A little wheel rub never hurt nobody.

Sprinting Clinic Some wheel Rub Some Pedal Strike at 27 mph

This weekends clinic was built around sprinting, when and how to find your lane, and when to release your sprint.  We started by rinding the race route in groups workin gon pacelining and close comfort tow arm up.  We then started doing laps in groups of 3, and turned the last 200-100 meters of the loop lining ourselves up for the sprint.  Here we were able to test ourselves against other racers as to when to pick a wheel to draft and when to release.  I am still a firm beliver that this clinic was strategically designed to tire our legs out right before the the race lol.


Small group for the race since it rained the night before as well as Cal Aggie Crit was the day before also.  Stayed in the pack to conserve energy for the finish.  Decided not to take a turn on the front.  Leaders kept the speed high which was good, with some areas hitting 30mph.  Had some headwind but staying sheltered in the pack was a a phenominal idea.  Had a couple minor scares; did some slight wheel rubbing with a rider in front of me, but was able to recover.  Looks like the crit clinics really do work.  Wheel rub at high speeds makes your butt pucker maybe a little.  On the final lap i was set up well at about 8th wheel on a tight formation.  On the 2nd to last corner, took a corner at speed while pedaling and had my first experience with pedal strike.  I recovered by continuing to pedal through and maintain my momentum (again, the clinics do work).  but having done that, my momentum for the race got sacked and a multi bike length gap opened up. After the last corner I tried to sprint to close the gap but m legs said, "better luck next time".  Got to find a way to keep my legs a little bit more fresh or it was just the fact that the gap was too big and i started my sprint too early becasue I had to play catch up.  Oh well, on to the next week for the 5th and final practice crit.

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