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Found Sprint Legs

Found my sprint legs for the finish finally.

Last Early Bird Crit of the year.  Definitely a worthwhile clinic and race for anywone looking to try their had at bike racing and handling.

The clinic was basically a summary of everything we had learned in the previous 4 weeks.  Warm up laps of pacelining, followed by volleyball, snake, and zipper drill.  We finished off with sprints, before gathering for the race.

Race strategy for me was to float up and down the pack and save my legs for the finish, and that is exactly what I did.  It was a windy course that day with strong headwinds coming from our 10 o'clock on the opening straighaway.  Becasue of that during that section it strong out long as everyone pushed over to the right of the road to get shelter.  I didn't do any work at the front for two reasons: 1) didn't want to burn too many matches, 2) took a lot of effort to move up the front with the wind conditions.  With about 2 laps to go a breakaway formed with about  6-8 riders.  They ended up pulling away from the main pack and finished first.  In the main pack i was about 6th wheel coming in to the last corner.  Other riders opened up their sprint right after the corner, I sat on their wheels opened my sprint up a second or two later to finally get the pack finish I was looking for.  Found my legs and they didn't let me down.


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